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Considering a Multi-Faceted Approach to the Middle East

Clarification of position

Mehdi Mozaffari • 6 July 2006

First, I would like to thank you for your thorough and thought-provoking analysis of my writings. In order to complete the picture, you might want to also include a text that I wrote in 2002, "Are we all Americans now?" (published as a chapter in "The Wrath of the Damned. An Anthology from the Danish PEN", edited by Niels Barfoed and Anders Jerichow). As illustrated by the conclusion of this text, I have always been critical of the US foreign policy's double standards:

"Also damaging are the evident double standards and hypocrisy of the US call for enforcement of UN resolutions against Iraq, given consistent US unwillingness to do anything to implement the stream of Security Council resolutions directing Israel to withdraw from occupied Palestinian territories, to dismantle illegal settlements and to apply the Geneva Conventions governing military occupation. (…) So, 'We, the peoples of the world, we ask the Americans to put an end to the double standard and to the terrible injustice of which the Palestinian people are victims.' Also 'we, the peoples of the world, we know that sugar and oil do not have the same commercial value. But if Cuba's regime is a dictatorship, so is Saudi Arabia's! We ask therefore our 'sugar heart' American fellows to put an end to forty years' of embargo against Cuba'. Finally, 'We, the Peoples of the world, we are all Americans now and forever. This is why we wish so much that the Americans were different!'"

Moreover, as I have demonstrated in a chapter entitled: 'Just War against an "Outlaw" Region" in A Matter of Principle: Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq, ed. by Thomas Cushman, 2005, exterior interventions (not necessarily military ones) are appropriate in order to establish democracy and human rights in the Middle East.

We must not forget the brutal exactions committed by US Troops in some occasions. But let us also not forget that the authors of these exactions are actually punished in accordance to the US-law, just as US lawyers are working hard criticizing the human rights violations in the Guantanamo-base — violations that must obviously be unanimously condemned, as I have already done it myself at several occasions. But the above-mentioned reactions to US Army exactions show that important parts of the American judicial system, and of the American population, do care about human rights and do support these principles actively. Thus, the exactions reflect errors by individual soldiers, not inherent values and practices of the system — as opposed to the human rights violations carried out and cautioned by the Middle Eastern dictatorship states.

But it is noticeable that despite the hardship that the Iraqi population is suffering, the democratization process has been initiated, with participation rates in elections which are actually much higher than in any US elections. Also, the Kurds are generally relieved to have been freed from Saddam Hussein's oppressive regime.

In conclusion, the picture of the Middle East, democratization and exterior intervention is multi-faceted. It is my hope that all these facets be considered when discussing the subject — only then will we be able to support the populations of the Middle East.


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9 July 2006

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