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Sinn Fein Be Warned — The Truth Will Out

Martin Ingram • 20 February 2006

Danny Morrison - well known Republican and convicted criminal wrote an article for the Daily Ireland newspaper on 15/02/2006 (Establishment Be Warned — The Truth Will Out), in which I believe he knowingly penned inaccurately. Let us examine his article.

You might think that it would be to the advantage of Tony Blair and incumbent Prime Minister Gordon Brown to expose the involvement of their main opponents — the Conservatives — in murder. They certainly have the information and power to do it — but not the will or inclination. For there are some things bigger than party politics and that thing is the untouchable body politic and its keeper, the British establishment, guided not by integrity but by the cardinal rule — “our country, right or wrong”.

Clearly Danny is being a touch tongue in cheek here, having a little dig at Gerry’s mates Tony and Gordon. That said, I believe Danny is failing to embrace a subject which is very much closer to home and which many [of this papers] readers want to understand and get the Sinn Fein leadership to go on the record about. Danny should be asking why Gerry and Martin are not willing to engage in a public debate at the Ard Fheis about why and HOW the movement is riddled with informers and the subject of Republican collusion.

It would be easy to argue that the movement are not interested in this subject but we all know this is not true. I suppose it’s as Danny argues — they are perhaps guided not by integrity but by the cardinal rule — ‘Our movement, right or wrong’.

The leadership clearly has no responsibility for these matters. Suspiciously, I wonder why the last two or three agents have all been career agents — that is, they have been in place for more than twenty years standing. Never mind — the cardinal rule applies: ‘our movement right or wrong’.

Can you imagine the British Labour party not wanting to discuss at a party conference the impact of, say, Alistair Campbell being exposed as a Soviet spy for over twenty years? Of course they would! So why would Sinn Fein not want to debate and learn from its past mistakes; after all this is what normal political parties do.

Let us move on to another point raised by Danny.

At Westminster there is all-party consensus: soldiers should not be caught beating civilians, should not be caught torturing prisoners, and should not be caught murdering enemies and critics of the state.

This is what the Finucanes and other families, whose relatives were victims of collusion between state forces and loyalist death squads, are up against. It explains why, in the Finucane case, the campaign has gone on for 17 years. It explains all the procrastination, the feints of pretence about wanting to give the family justice, the censoring of the Stevens Report and the carefully fashioned Inquiries Act of 2005 which is designed to facilitate the withholding of sensitive information and to control what appears in any published report. It explains why the British government slipped a virtual amnesty for its forces into the proposed legislation which was originally to cater solely for republican ‘on the runs’.

Danny just cannot resist a dig at the British Army! I suppose, given that he was caught red handed by them back in the eighties committing an offence where he felt the need to run for his life and dive into the nearest pensioners home and lie to those same dastardly soldiers and police chasing him that he was merely a family friend of the pensioner, I suppose an eight-year prison sentence sort of makes you want to have a dig at those who caught you out.

Daily Ireland, though, should not be used for his personal grudges nor should he use it to make points regarding his allegation that the British Gov't slipped a little matter of an amnesty for its Crown Forces right under the nose of the ever-so-trusting Sinn Fein negotiators. Danny knows that this agreement was reached years ago in 2003 and we have the SDLP to be thankful too for providing the documentary evidence.

The agreement makes clear where it states, “A qualifying offence would be any scheduled offence … committed before 10 April 1998.” Now, let us be clear as to what constitutes a scheduled offence. Scheduled offences are offences like murder, bomb making, and possession of weapons, and are always tried in Diplock Courts. State killings in Northern Ireland are scheduled offences. That’s why people like Guardsmen Fisher and Wright and Lee Clegg were tried in Diplock Courts. Now Danny knows that he is being economical with the truth on this subject, yet he tries to hoodwink Daily Ireland's readers with the party line. Oh, yes, I forgot, it's called the cardinal rule: ‘our party right or wrong.

Danny should be asking the leadership of Sinn Fein how the Bloody Sunday victims and of course the Finucane family would have felt if the NI offences bill had been passed. Now if this bill had been called 'IRA volunteers on the run bill' AND the sneaky Brits had sneaked in a bit about state forces being included, then they would have had an argument but it was not called the OTR bill, nor should it have taken weeks to fathom out once the extent of the bill was made public. After all, the sight of Connor Murphy standing outside Westminster defending this bill was very telling.

Danny goes on once more to make a facile point.

The Republican Movement is more than resilient to absorb a Donaldson or Scappaticci here or there, and I think it is ironic that the Branch and Brits are naming touts. After all, the IRA can no longer unearth informers and somebody should do it. I welcome it because it demonstrates how truly stupid these intelligent people are and, I repeat, it helps clarify who caused and stoked the violence — the handlers of the agents and the handlers’ superiors.

A few years ago and well before Freddie Scap was outed, Danny asked a mutual friend of ours to pass on his home telephone number to myself. Danny was concerned that the Stake Knife rumours were getting out of hand. He was concerned at the erroneous belief being put forward in the press that the agent was a political animal and connected to the peace process. I told him that Stake Knife was NOT CONNECTED TO PEACE PROCESS and that I would write an article to that end. I shared his wish that this gossip should not damage the peace process.

Sinn Fein then suggested the term 'Stake Knife' was a composite name of a few agents and not just one individual. The IRA at this point already knew who Stake knife was and had debriefed him. What they did not want though was for their supporters to know the extent of the problems of infiltration and collusion.

The leadership of Sinn Fein even defended Freddie Scap on national TV shortly after the exposure of this agent and mass murderer of republicans, this man who used the Republican Movement as a tool of the FRU. Indeed, it is my belief but for the tapes of Freddie having a pop at Martin McGuinness being made public, Freddie would be sharing his retirement time between Belfast and that other well known European hot spot of central Italy.

Danny says he welcomes the recent exposures of agents. I bet he does — after all, the IRA had a very poor record at getting that right. Indeed, many innocent volunteers were killed by agents of the state. It is time Danny stopped having a petty dig at the Brits at every opportunity and deal with the issues that matter to the likes of the McKiernan family who went public in the Irish News recently.

That said, Danny has a poor record at getting it right. He once said collusion did not affect Republicans. In the Guardian newspaper on 16 May 2003, he wrote a piece entitled “The Story Of StakeKnife is Full of Holes”. The article went on to cast doubt upon Freddie Scap being an informer.

Shortly after Freddie Scap was outed Danny requested that I meet with his legal representatives to discuss the issue given that he had been involved in the Sandy Lynch IRA operation along with Freddie Scap. At that meeting it was made very clear that Freddie and one other volunteer was suspected by Danny of being the source of his arrest. So for Danny to argue in the press that Freddie Scap was Ok was a little difficult to understand. Oh, yes, the cardinal rule, eh, Danny, 'It’s our movement right or wrong!'

The issue of informers within the movement is a real one and the grass roots want answers to the many questions being posed by supporters. This subject, if left unchecked is explosive, and when the truth finally emerges it will be thanks largely to those like myself who want to see victims given closure and have a desire to see a United Ireland. If Sinn Fein does not deal with the issues of infiltration and collusion among IRA/SF ranks, it has the potential to reward the British and its agents who murdered almost at will. Your choice.




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