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Operation Helvetic: To Be Expected

Michael Gillespie •30 August 2007

It is basic to Federal Unionism—Early Sinn Fein that an unwritten undemocratic U.K. constitution lies at the core of the Irish problem. This constitution has been rejected by the vast majority of the people of this island but is tenaciously clung to by a recalcitrant minority. The issue of dispute between the majority and the minority is whether the island should be a Republic or should be under the Crown.

Provisional Republicanism has fought this dispute to a bitter end in recent times in the 6 counties. Provisional Republicanism now sits in defeat at Stormont having bought into the unwritten undemocratic U.K. constitution in the 6 counties. But since Republicanism is technically defeated in the 6 counties it is now technically defeated on the whole island and the main strands of Republicanism, i.e. Bertie Ahern’s and Gerry Adam’s Republicanism, are now partitionist in practice. It could be appropriate to quote at this juncture the Irish traditional ballad duet made popular in the 60's by Ronnie Drew and Eleanor Shanley, namely Brian Og and Molly Bawn.

Molly Bawn

Wisha Brian you’ve been drinkin’ now you rogue

I can tell it by your blinkin’ Brian Og

But you’d ne’re be such a villain

As to take the Saxon shillin’
And do their dirty killin’ Brian Og.

This quote doesn’t infer that Late Sinn Fein are spending too much time in the bar at Stormont but it is now clear that the villainous Late Sinn Fein have taken the Saxon shillin’ in the Assembly and are mute about the dirty killin’ carried out by white Anglo–Saxon led armies in the Middle East.

With the constitution being secure and unchallenged in the 6 counties, Operation Banner can be brought to a close and Operation Helvetic can be put in its place. But the purpose of both operations is the same; i.e., to ram the 1801 constitution down the throats of those who object to it by a garrison of 5000 British soldiers who back an armed P.S.N.I. The purpose of this military presence in the 6 counties is written up by the media and the press as being a necessity to keep the warring tribes apart. What is now being airbrushed out is the glaring truth that the prime cause of violence in Ireland has been an unwritten undemocratic 1801 constitution imposed and maintained militaristically.

Eventually it will have to sink into the psyche of both communities in Ireland that not only is Republicanism defeated in Ireland but so too is Union Jack Unionism. The violence of recent times has corrupted both. The Irish will have to find a new constitutional direction and that new direction is being pointed out by Federal Unionism—Early Sinn Fein in the National Government of Ireland Act.

If the new proposed Act of Union is considered carefully it should be clear that if the National Government of Ireland Act were in place, either ideally in the whole of Ireland, or else in the 6 counties it would be a constitutional imperative that the British army leave Irish territory, lock, stock and barrel and take the Union Jack with them.

If Article 9 of the National Government of Ireland Act is examined it will be seen that under freedom to enter Irish territory on lawful business and in a lawful manner the British army can have permission to visit Ireland in the short term only but when they do they are subject to the Irish constitution, i.e. The National Government of Ireland Act, and to Irish state law, and are present in Ireland as guests of the Irish people and in no other capacity.

In such a scenario in Ireland the days of Operations Banner and Helvetic would be at an end. But in the constitutional set up in the 6 counties Operation Helvetic is of no surprise and is to be expected. An unwritten undemocratic constitution demands an Operation Helvetic to enforce the constitution military on those who don’t want it.





















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14 January 2008

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