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If You Cannot Organise a Meeting, How Can You Expect to Organise a Revolution?

Liam O Comain • 3 September 2006

In a recent article in the Irish News columnist Brian Feeney referred to the apparent organizers of a so called 'dissident republican' meeting as belonging to the flat earth mentality. The Irish News sometime earlier in a report made reference to the proposed expected meeting using quotes from known and unknown sources as to the raison detre of the meeting. Some quotes I must say put me in part agreement with the columnist although perhaps he had gone too far when he referred to the flat earth mentality.

Allegedly there have been some meetings held by individuals and groups to discuss the fall out from the Machiavellian contrived anti republican successes of the Adams strategy but their fruit so far is non existing and as a result the republican cause, according to some, is next to deaths door. Partly the reason for this is that some of the individuals involved are still tainted with the political disease of Provisionalism. So much so that after the length of time of the provo betrayal there are still those who naively believe that by removing Adams and McGuinness from the helm that the republican movement canbe saved. Thus implying that the Provisional Movement is the authentic Republican Movement. Here I must agree with Feeney for if that is the mentality of those concerned with the organization of the referred to meetings then if not flat earthers definitely dwellers in cloud cuckoo land.

If there are those really and truly concerned about the pathetic nature, according to some commentators, of the republican cause at present then they should refocus on the British presence as the main obstacle and not foolishly try and out vote the provos in elections. For the latter would only keep the provo bubble in existence instead of bursting it. And if they want to hold a meeting to discuss the regeneration of republicanism it should be well prepared over a reasonable period of time and open to those who may not have been caught with the provisional disease. For as at present and for sometime previous selection of attendance was the case and the latter cut off the source of much positive contributions from others. Of course paranoia lies in the minds of some would be organizers and as such is partly the cause for such negativity. Although one cannot rule out the ego factor as a contributor also.

Of course there is another alternative to such meetings which apparently have failed so miserably and that is membership and support of Republican Sinn Fein. The latter would, I assume, see themselves as the heart of the traditional revolutionary republican movement and based upon the mandate of the 1st Dail Eireann rightly so. I opine this inspite of the fact that I am not a member of Republican Sinn Fein although as an oath bearer my allegiance is to the 32 County Republic which is still awaiting resurrection and in fact is still a reality via the existence of Oglaith na hEireann. Thus that which the 1st Dail bestowed is still sacrosanct but it is not an obstacle to creating unity across the spectrum of those who desire national unity and therefore self determination.Interestingly the national headquarters of Republican Sinn Fein issued a press release that they had not received an invitation to the meeting and if they had they had no intention of attending.So does this mean that those who released the announcement about the meeting (at Toomebridge, Co.Antrim,) originally were not being truthful with the public and if so why? I, like so many who are concerned with the republican cause, require an explanation from the alleged organisers.







































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10 September 2006

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