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Dublin Riots

Karl Shine • 27 February 2006

In my opinion the riot was counter productive. We say we want a United Ireland, so the marchers (Loyalists) are now our responsibility. Not the brits'. How do we deal with them?

Their stance is that, once consumed into an all-island Republic their 'rights' to march about the place and bang the auld lambeg will be swiflty removed by us, never to be seen again. And they can extrapolate from that we will do the same to them and their culture. (Or, in light of recent events, go bloody mental whenever they try to 'express' it.)

While we may disagree about their manner of expressing their culture, there is really feck all we can do about it,. Allowing them to march peacefully in the Capital of the 26 Counties would have taken a lot of wind out of Paisley & Co.'s sails. His current rants on Irish Republican racism (in the 26 counties - he's always ranting about it in the 6) towards his people having now been confirmed in the minds of his voters.

Simply allowing the march (regardless of personal feeling towards the personalities involved), I feel would have shown a maturity, a willingness to accept, that would have been a huge step in showing protestants just how secular modern Ireland has really become.

Preventing the march -particularly using violent resistence in front of the worlds camers when a peaceful sit-in could just have effectively prevented it -has instead entrenched loyalist opinion of the sectarian Republic, intent on driving them into the sea. And has done them a lot of good in world opinion.

Interestingly - I saw an Armagh farmer on the TV today, he said; "I came to march to make the Irish Governent aware of my loss, because my Government doesn't care" (or words to that effect). There was a perfect opportunity for Republicans to reach out, to show that as United Irishmen we care for all the peoples of this Country. Think how this man might feel tonight, back at home, knowing he was heard, listened to in Dublin. When his own Government doesn't know who he is. Think instead of how he actually feels, his voice having been drowned out by sectarian screams and a hail of concrete.





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