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Political journalist and Revolutionary Unionist Dr John Coulter calls for coalition troops to be withdrawn from both Iraq and Afghanistan and for the establishment of a militant Islamic homeland.


Dr John Coulter • 4 December 2006

If Tony Blair and George Bush want to end their respective Premiership and Presidency on the politically moral high ground, they should formally declare all coalition forces will leave both Iraq and Afghanistan before Easter 2007.

How many more Irish-born coalition troops will be sacrificed in these two war-torn nations as a final move to prevent the various religious and tribal factions from gutting each in a bloody civil war?

What Blair and Bush seem to have forgotten is religious slaughter and tribal butchering have been national pastimes for the Iraqi and Afghan peoples for centuries.

All toppling the tyrant Saddam did was set the scene for an even bloodier litany of massacres as the various brands of militancy prepare to indulge in ethnic cleansing.

The totally righteous stringing up of the guilty Saddam is likely to provoke every 'bark at the moon' radical insurgent in Iraq to go 'clean buck daft', launching a last-ditch programme of slaughter against coalition troops.

In Britain, Labour is losing bucketfuls of political credibility; in the United States, Bush has just cost his Republican Party control of two key legislative parliaments – the Senate and House of Representatives.

Many Iraqis and Afghans since the Middle East Crusades of the 12th century have settled their internal tribal conflicts not by consensus politics, but by the sword.

What is needed is a fundamentalist Islamic homeland involving Iraq and Afghanistan where the various blood lust factions can settle their differences through religious pogroms.

If we don't provide the blood thirsty sects which make up modern day insurgency with this homeland for mayhem, then more innocent coalition soldiers will be coming home in body bags.

Given the rapid deterioration into civil war in this part of the Middle East, the danger is that this trickle of dead coalition troops may well descend into a Vietnam War-style flood. Instead of counting our war dead in dozens, we will be adding them up in thousands.

And there's also the rising threat Islamist radicals will unleash their suicide bombers in Britain and Ireland, in spite of all the well-spun waffle from Dublin government ministers the danger from Islamic militants is a myth.

But why would the American State Department warn up to six different radical terror groups had cells on the island of Ireland? Forty years of the sectarian conflict in Ireland has produced the clear conclusion you only need a terrorist cell if you are planning to murder someone.

What the London and Dublin governments could constructively complete to aid the establishment of a radical Islamic homeland in Iraq and Afghanistan, is to start organising a programme of resettlement of fundamentalist Muslims from Ireland back to these countries.

Coupled with the rapidly growing ethnic communities in Ireland, it is only a matter of time before the ghost of fascist Blueshirts boss General Eoin O'Duffy re-appears to encourage a populist party or candidates to campaign on expelling migrant workers, asylum seekers and known radical sympathisers from the island.

If Bush and Blair really want to have a war with someone, why not invade the former British colony of Rhodesia and depose President Robert Mugabe, Africa's version of the communist tyrant Joe Stalin?

Meanwhile, civil partnerships, which legally put gay and lesbian 'marriages' on a par with conventional Christian heterosexual unions, have chalked up their first anniversary in the North – and there's still not a cheep from the legions of so-called God-fearing clerics.

Indeed, when are we going to see Ireland's Christian clerics stand up for the rights and sanctity of the Biblical marriage? You would almost think many clerics have lost the bottle to defend the Christian faith for fear of being branded fascist, Nazi or homophobic.

Why must organising against what is anti-Biblical be left to fringe churches, such as Paisley's Free Presbyterians?

When are the mainstream churches going to take a positive stand – based on Scripture – against secular trends in our society which are diluting the role of the normal Christian home?

Political correctness has gone insane. At this rate of mental madness, its only a matter of time before Christmas cards are banned, festive religious carol singers will be fined, and the age of sexual consent lowered to 13.




















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12 December 2006

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