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Unionism's Favourite Nationalist

Political journalist and Unionist Revisionist Dr John Coulter maintains that Fine Gael MEP Gay Mitchell's comments about the monarchy have shot him to Number One on the political chart, Southern politicians Unionists should do business with

Dr John Coulter • 28 August 2006

Fine Gael TD and MEP Gay Mitchell is THE Southern nationalist politician any Unionist can now do business with – whether we have Stormont or nothing by 24 November.

At last the penny is dropping in some sections of the broad republican family that their future lies by rejoining the British Commonwealth of Nations with Good Queen Bess as the head buck cat.

Gay certainly rattled a few nationalist cages with his visionary speech at this year's annual Collins-Griffith Memorial at Glasnevin Cemetery.

In one fell swoop – or innovative address in this case – Gay landed himself the glorious title of Unionism's favourite nationalist. Why? Because he's demonstrated clear forward thinking that in any 32-county format, you can't simply push one million Unionists off the peer at Larne harbour.

From his lofty position in the European Parliament, he's in a prime spot to see the lucrative cash gravy train which the Republic has enjoyed for a generation is about to come thundering off the rails.

Its time for the Celtic Tiger to face some harsh realities. With all these poor ex-commie countries clamouring for EU membership, the European dosh is rapidly drying up.

Within the next few years, the South can expect to be a heavy giver of cash to the EU to bolster up some the social security sponging nations flocking to jump on the bandwagon of euro handouts.

Then there's the massive bill the South will face if Stormont falls flat on its face. Does Leinster House seriously believe the Brits alone will pick up the annual £9 billion tab for running the North if joint authority is implemented?

Since the late Sixties, Unionists have bathed in the luxury of feuding and bitter internecine warfare happily content to believe the myth no British Government would ever sell so-called 'Loyal Ulster' to the Republic.

Southern nationalism is taking a huge political gamble in preparing for joint authority – and its a risk which could skin the Celtic Tiger alive. What happens if joint authority becomes the very medicine to heal the supposedly incurable rifts within Unionism and Loyalism?

Joint authority could well be the shock treatment which mobilises a unity among Northern Prods not seen since the monster Ulster Says No rallies of the late 1980s.

Then there's the added expense of having to deal with religious fundamentalists. Leading Dublin-based moderate muslim Sheikh Dr Shaheed Satardien has already warned of "an ocean of extremism" spreading among muslims throughout Ireland.

And in the North, many Prod fundamentalists may be tempted to launch their own Loyalist jihad against the South in retaliation for increased Dublin rule via the House on Haunted Hill, namely the plush new £6 million Notting Hill complex.

So Bertie, which is the lesser of the two evils threatening the Republic? Do you want bombed by the Southern Koran-thumping Islamic radicals, or blown up by the Northern Bible-thumping Prod fundamentalists?

Let me offer some advice, Bertie. Remember the horrific slaughter of the '74 Dublin and Monaghan no-warning Loyalist car bombs?

Then do what you can to get Big Ian into the Executive with the Shinners; sell Notting Hill and use the cash to round up all the radicals Dr Satardien is warning about.

And if you want to talk about withdrawal, then get Dublin's ass out of the EU before you have an Enoch Powell-style confrontation between jobless Irish workers and the thousands of east European migrant workers flooding the island.


























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3 September 2006

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