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Who really is the Biblical Anti Christ?

Political journalist and Revolutionary Unionist Dr John Coulter controversially issues a challenge to Protestant evangelicals and fundamentalists to defend Pope Benedict from the verbal onslaught of muslim extremists


Dr John Coulter • 25 September 2006

For the first time since the hate-filled creed of Islamic fundamentalism vomited itself onto this earth, Christianity has a chance to stand up for itself.

Whatever interpretation you place on the Pope's controversial address about radical Islam, he was merely expressing what any sane individual thinks about the vile activities of muslim insurgency.

The time has now come to form a global Pan Christian Front to defend the Biblical principles of Jesus Christ before everything free and decent about our New Testament faith is eradicated from Western culture.

The structural ecumenical movement as envisaged by the Second Vatican Council in 1959 is dead and buried. If the leader of the largest denomination in Christendom cannot express his opinions in public without enduring venomous bile from Islamic extremists, then what hope for the smaller Protestant Churches throughout the world?

The reaction to the Pope's sermon has established one undeniable fact – moderate, responsible muslims have lost control of their faith to the radical nutters.

History is now repeating itself. The spears and swords of Saladin's barbaric hordes from the Middle Ages who confronted the Holy Crusaders have been replaced by the suicide bombers and the AK47 assault rifles of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.

But the message of radical Islam remains the same – these religious daleks want to exterminate the entire Christian faith. How long will it be before Islamic radicals demand 'sackcloth and ashes' apologies for the Crusades?

The Pan Christian Front is not an attempt to build a single Christian Church, nor is it a bid to dilute hard-hitting passages from the Bible, especially the 'born again' sections of the New Testament.

The Front is urgently needed to show the leaders of radical Islam there is at least one faith which cannot be bombed or butchered into submission.

Under no circumstances should Benedict be forced by his advisers, or even persuade himself, that he should issue a grovelling apology to Islamic fundamentalism. He spoke the truth; he has NOTHING to say sorry about.

Protestant evangelicals and fundamentalists should not behave like the Biblical Pharisees and knife him in the back. Radical Islam has not just thrown down a gauntlet to the Pope, but to every single person on earth who sees themselves as in any way 'Christian'.

For generations, Protestant fundamentalists have attempted to brand successive popes as the Biblical anti-Christ. Such fundamentalists have conveniently turned a blind eye to the fact Pope Alexander the Eighth ordered a Te Deum to be said in honour of King Billy's victory at the Boyne.

This is the one occasion where Protestant fundamentalists need to think with their heads and not yell with their voices. They need to briefly set aside their theological opposition to papal infallibility, the Mass, worship of the Virgin Mary, and the role of the confessional and focus on the task at hand.

In attacking the Pope's speech, radical Islam has unleashed its most blunt barrage against Christianity, probably since the Crusades themselves.

Indeed, its time for Benedict to call in Alexander's favour from Protestantism. The Pan Christian Front can become a pro-active movement at combating the evils of Islamic radicalism.

Instead of having to react every time Islamic militants find fault with the Christian faith, let the PCF expose the hate-driven passages in the Koran which emphasise no tolerance or mercy to non-Islamic radicals.

The Front could stop the various Christian faiths verbally cutting each other to bits as they bicker about the role of women in the modern Church.

Who cares if a woman comes into church without her hat on, wearing trousers, or too much make-up? Have you seen the way Islamic radicals treat their women with utter contempt?

The Pan Christian Front is not asking Protestant fundamentalists to water down the Gospel. It is not asking you to say the Pope is the leader of Christianity, or to say that Roman Catholicism represents the sole Christian faith.

The PCF will tell all Christian clerics to 'wise up' and recognise the scale of the threat posed by radical Islam. Jesus Christ took positive action to evict the money changers from the Temple.

By forming the Front, Christianity will merely be following in His footsteps and taking positive action to protect the Faith.

Protestant fundamentalists need to get their act together and recognise that when it comes to confronting the evil fascism of radical Islamics, rallying to support Benedict is not ecumenism; it is plain and simple common sense.

The sad reality is that there are even liberals within Christianity who are so terrified of offending radical Islam, they will put enormous pressure on the Vatican to issue an apology.

However, radical Islam is so extreme in its beliefs that no apology will be sufficient. Their intolerance is so deep even decent, moderate, free-thinking muslims live in fear of these hardline radicals.

In Britain and Ireland, muslim extremists enjoy the freedom of speech to spew out their devilish doctrines of hate. Across the North, Protestant fundamentalists enjoy the religious liberty to be able to stand on street corners and hold their open air Gospel meetings without fear of persecution.

But when radical Islamics are in the majority, there is not a snowball's chance in the flames of Hades of them allowing Christian preachers to talk about Salvation and being 'born again'.

Privately, many Protestant fundamentalists know the Pope is correct about his observations on radical Islam.

Perhaps Protestant fundamentalists should pause before they decide to 'put the boot' theologically in Benedict personally and ask the question – when you listen to the rantings and ravings of Islamic fundamentalists, the big questions should be: who really is the Biblical Anti Christ? It is possible Protestantism may have interpreted the Scriptures wrongly?




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