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Independent Workers Union rejects Sunday Times allegation of involvement in Dublin riot


Noel Murphy, National Secretary Independent Workers Union • 28 February 2006

The Independent Workers Union unreservedly rejects the slanderous allegation printed in the Sunday Times of 26 February, and repeated by its Ireland editor Frank Fitzgibbon on the RTE programme Question and Answers, that our union published or distributed leaflets calling on people to join Saturday's counter-demonstrations against the Love Ulster rally in Dublin.

According to the front-page report, 'Republican riot puts a stop to 'love parade', by Jan Battles and Liam Clarke, the leaflets were circulated two weeks ago. It is astonishing that a journalist with Liam Clarke's experience would not have considered contacting the Independent Workers Union in order to verify the authenticity or otherwise of such a publication. We are equally dismayed that the Ireland editor of the Sunday Times would repeat the unfounded allegation on national television without checking his facts.

The Independent Workers Union is a non-political, licensed trade union that does not endorse any party-political point of view. The Independent Workers Union did not take any position on the Love Ulster parade or the counter demonstration prior to the events in Dublin at the weekend since our union did not believe that this issue was relevant to our work on behalf of our members.

The Independent Workers Union is astounded by this sinister allegation and we ask what possible motive could be served by this attempt to implicate our union in the events last Saturday.























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28 February 2006

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Independent Workers Union rejects Sunday Times allegation of involvement in Dublin riot
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