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Would The Real Army Council, Please Stand Up



Geoffrey Cooling • 22 March 2006

Anybody with rudimentary knowledge knows that the Provisional movement is or was, being wholly realistic, run by the army council. However it is with growing horror that I think we have been remiss in this presumption. I now think that it is quite possible that the movement was and still is run by the British security services. Let me explain.

We as Republicans take as given that the British establishment, its armed forces and security services have one agenda. That is to defeat the Republican armed forces and to maintain British sovereignty over the six counties. It is with this precept that with some of the recent stunning revelations pertaining to the high level MI5 penetration of both the military and political structures of the Provisional movement, we are left with many questions. Chief among these have to be,

  • Have the British Security Services, for all intensive purposes, run the struggle since at least the mid eighties?
  • Was the Provisionals ascription to the Peace Process, GFA and decommissioning a British Security Services initiative?

I am afraid that the answer to these questions is quite probably a resounding yes. My reasons for this argument are these. Firstly it is now not only common knowledge but documented fact that the Provisionals Intelligence and Internal Security department, The Executive, Southern Command, GHQ and Northern Command were penetrated at the highest level. With information flowing from the agents in place in these departments it is truly a wonder that any true Provisional Volunteer managed to accomplish any operational objective.

With the agents in place the British were aware of practically every major operation that took place, if they did not know the details before the operation it is with practical certainty we can assume they knew all the details afterwards. Sufficient enough for them to make arrests and conviction of Volunteers a forgone conclusion. Yet the Provisional army was successful in many more instances than seem credible with the knowledge we now have.

The world of intelligence is a particularly dark and murky place worldwide; however in Ireland it reached new lows. The problem with good high level intelligence is not usually the gathering but the utilization of same. A high level source can provide amazing tactical and strategic information, but sometimes to act on that information is to inevitably lead to the unmasking of the source. We know that in the past the British security services have rarely burned a source without an equally or better placed agent being in place.

This reluctance on their part lead, without doubt, to successful operations being undertaken with their complicity. Please contemplate that fact and all its ramifications momentarily. It would appear to be the case also that British agents were actively encouraged to involve themselves with operations to build their reputations with not only senior men but also the rank and file. Several high level agents without doubt affected strategic and tactical targeting decisions and had real input into the day to day conduct of the struggle. It is obvious that what we have discovered shows British security services complicity in the management of the struggle, however, it is with the next ruminations that I hope to show active participation.

None of us can not but be aware of the fact that , at the very least, since the mid eighties it has been Adam's and probably McGuinness's wish to lead the Provisional movement to a purely political and constitutional path. We are all mostly aware that Adams & McGuinness are surrounded and ascribe to a so called think tank of trusted comrades. It is a fact that we now know that at least one with at least another two suspected members of this close bunch of intellectual chums was a paid British agent. These people are the very people that were the loudest supporters of the peace strategy. The very people that argued mostly successfully that with the set backs of the late eighties and early nineties that the armed struggle was an unsustainable and non viable strategy.

Let us consider these set backs, the hardline and anti Belfast East Tyrone Brigade were decimated. Most of its most experienced and prolific Volunteers executed. The South Armagh Brigade for the first time was practically haemorrhaging Volunteers. Experienced and hardline Volunteers country wide were imprisoned. Increasingly the direction of the struggle seemed unproductive and ineffective. All of these set backs can be attributed to the information that was passed by British agents. With these facts known the seductive double speak of peace strategy that we all must have heard seemed undoubtedly the most productive way forward. Dissenting voices were drowned out early on and any that were a real threat were dealt with quickly.

The Leadership over the next years replaced practically every post within the structure with people loyal to Belfast. Thus with complete control of the existing structure came a reduced risk of a coup. Every person who may have been a threat to the process was dealt with in a myriad of ways. Be it sudden imprisonment, exile to Spain or just good old fashioned slander and physical force.

All of these actions came to be at the behest or manipulations of men we now know to be paid British agents. With the dual approach of the decimation of hardline Republicans and the elevation of their agents to respected and exalted positions British security services assisted Adams & McGuinness in steering the Provisional movement to its present position. I have already stated that the British security services agenda is to maintain Sovereignty and defeat the Republican armed forces, Adam's & McGuinness's peace strategy has lead to the Provisional movements recognition and affirmation of British sovereignty of the six counties and the provisional army’s destruction and reduction to an unarmed and irrelevant paper tiger. I would just like to add in a paraphrase of the words of the infamous Eminem, would the real army council please stand up.




















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