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Irish Democracy, A Framework for Unity

Francis Mackey, National Chairperson 32 County Sovereignty Movement
• 27 June 2006

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement hold firm to the belief that a peace process, predicated on democratic principles and addressing the core cause of the conflict between Ireland and Britain, can realise a just political and constitutional solution for all the peoples of our respective islands. However this requires dialogue and a willingness to engage in dialogue with alternative viewpoints. A central and recurrent theme of the current political process since its public inception has been one of advocating the necessity of advancing political agendas through 'peaceful and democratic means'. Indeed this became one of several partisan pre-conditions laid down by the British government the acceptance of which was cited as the 'entry fee' into political negotiations. We in the 32CSM rejected this approach as democratically deficient because it proved to be a mechanism to avoid negotiating on the central issue at the heart of the Anglo-Irish conflict, namely our right to National Sovereignty.

Our response was to pursue a 'peaceful and democratic means' to highlight our analysis of what we seen to be a deficient process incapable of delivering a just solution. To this end the 32CSM sent representatives to New York to lodge a submission with the United Nations seeking international arbitration to resolve the conflict. The response of the British government, supported by the Irish government, was to use their influence in seeking our organisations prohibition in the US thus stifling our ability to pursue and develop this 'peaceful and democratic means'. Despite this hypocritical behaviour on the part of both governments we remain committed to this course of action.

In the latter part of 2005 the 32CSM launched a strategic initiative entitled Irish Democracy, A Framework For Unity outlining our analysis of events as how to best formulate a peace process capable of delivering a durable settlement. Contained in this initiative were submissions to both governments and the main political parties highlighting what we believe to be variances between their public and private positions and also the identifying of issues necessitating dialogue to resolve these variances. Be assured this was not an exercise solely concerned with seeking dialogue between the 32CSM and the various parties and governments but to introduce a dynamic to the dialogue between themselves. The response has been, with the exception of an official recognition of its receipt from both governments, silence, confirming our view that the current peace process is predicated on exclusion and is thus fatally flawed.

The Good Friday Agreement is faltering principally because it did not address at the outset the core cause of the conflict. What it chose to do, having failed to address the issue of Irish National Sovereignty, was to create a series of political entities, like the Assembly and Cross Border Bodies, to deflect attention away from this failure. These entities, having been portrayed as mechanisms to build trust, political stability and confidence, have now become pawns for the parties to retrospectively address what should have been addressed at the outset. This politicking has rendered the institutions sterile, has reaffirmed sectarian politics and placed insecurity at the heart of the political process.

A democratic settlement cannot have democracy as a tangent to it. Democracy must be intrinsic both to its formulation and its practice. Political stability requires constitutional stability which in turn is dependant on sovereign integrity. All these essential ingredients are missing from the current process as evidenced by the current stalemate. In consequence the 32 County Sovereignty Movement petition those with any influence to use that influence to secure dialogue with alternative viewpoints and to ensure that those who constantly reiterate that dialogue is the only way forward practice what they preach.

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