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Corn Beef and Lunatics


Fred A Wilcox • 14 March 2006

The irony is that for so many years I supported, indeed I believed in and admired Gerry Adams. A courageous man who'd dedicated his life to defeating British imperialism in Ireland, Adams, or so I thought, would never become just another politician. Unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken.

In a few days, Mr. Adams will walk through the portals of the White House, where he will meet with men and women who, if they could figure out how to do it without losing Irish American votes, would happily destroy Sinn Fein and everything for which it claims to stand. Over corn beef and Guinness, Gerry will converse with people who have dedicated their lives to defeating liberation movements; men and women who have the blood of millions of innocent people on their hands; reactionaries who, even as they chat with Adams about the future of N. Ireland, are plotting to assassinate Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and other popularly elected leaders who refuse to sell their land and their people to Wall Street.

According to news accounts, Gerry Adams will also meet with prominent Irish American leaders who supported the invasion of Iraq three years ago. And what will these politicians have to say about peace and social justice in N. Ireland? Will they tell Gerry that once the United States of America has destroyed Iraq, they will have more time to think about Ireland? Will they encourage Adams to support their next mad adventure, this time an attack on Iran, in exchange for helping him achieve his goals in N. Ireland? Will they swill Guinness and tell merry stories while scores of Iraqi citizens die each and every day?

I do understand. Gerry Adams is a politician now, and that, apparently, means glad-handing people who intend to destroy the Middle East in order to save it. What I fail to grasp is how anyone who claims to represent the aspirations of ordinary people could stomach being in the same room with lunatics who believe they are doing God's will when they kill 100,000 Iraqi citizens; when they poison America's water, air, and food supplies; when they refuse to acknowledge the perils of global warming; and when they intend to kill any leader who refuses to accept their schemes to make the rich richer and the poor more miserable.

I've never been invited to the blight house, but if that should ever happen I would either toss the invitation into the trash, or show up wearing an "IMPEACH BUSH AND COKMPANY" tee shirt. Gerry Adams and friends might think that they have achieved some kind of political coup by partying with the warlords of the American empire. The United States of America is sliding, closer each day, toward Fascism. Big Brother is monitoring our phone calls and email, dissolving our Constitutional rights, sending agents to spy on anyone who opposes the government's deranged policies. Big Brother will not be happy until this country is a police state run by and for the rich.

If Gerry Adams truly cares about peace and social justice, he should tell the lunatics running this country that he's going to pass on their shamrock party. Sadly, he won't do this, which is why I no longer believe in or trust a man I once supported and greatly admired.



































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