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A Curious Snub

Fred A Wilcox • 9 September 2006

According to news accounts, officials in the Israeli government have refused to meet with Sinn Fein president, Gerry Adams, during his visit to the Middle East. The ostensible excuse for this snub is that Mr. Adams accepted an invitation to meet with members of the democratically elected Hamas government in occupied Gaza. Israel considers Hamas a terrorist organization whose members deserve not to hold public office but, rather, to be blown to bits in their cars and houses, shot down in the streets, arrested, tortured, and left to rot in prison. If innocent people die when Israeli tanks fire into crowded Palestinian neighborhoods, that's unfortunate but the dead and injured brought these attacks on themselves. They voted "terrorists" into office and, therefore, they are terrorists by association. If Gaza is a free fire zone in which the Israeli military has killed more than 200 Palestinians in recent weeks, the world should understand, indeed applaud, Israel's commitment to fighting the "war on terror."

As an American citizen, my tax money pays for the attack helicopters and drones and tanks Israeli uses to kill Palestinians. I helped pay for the 150,000 bombs Israel dropped on Lebanon, destroying 60,000 homes, killing more than 1,000 people, including children trapped inside of their houses or attempting to flee saturation bombing raids. I helped pay for the cluster bombs that left 100,000 bomb-lets lying in the rubble and fields and streams of Lebanon, waiting to kill children and farmers and construction workers. I helped pay for the munitions that the Israeli air force dropped on a power plant in Lebanon, spilling thousands of gallons of oil into Mediterranean sea.

I will never have the opportunity to ask officials in the Israeli government why they made the decision to destroy Lebanon's roads and bridges, power plants and apartment buildings. Or why they felt justified in committing mass homicide in a small nation that had not attacked their country. I suspect that the resident in the White House not only knew about, but sanctioned, Israel's campaign to teach Hezbollah and its supporters in Lebanon a terrible lesson. I'm quite certain that the Central Intelligence Agency played some role in this latest fiasco in the Middle East.

In the United States, the national media doesn't dare challenge Israel's daily assaults on the Palestinian people. American politicians who wish to remain in office dare not criticize the Israeli military's recent massacre of innocents in Lebanon. Guests on national news programs do not challenge Israel's campaign to terrorize the Palestinian people into accepting an illegal, brutal, occupation. Those who summon the courage to speak openly about Israel's calculated brutality in the occupied territories are labeled "anti-Semitic," and accused of aiding and abetting terrorism.

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 200l, it seems to me that the way to honor those who died in the World Trade Center, in the Pentagon, and on the airliner that crashed in Pennsylvania field, would be to open an honest dialogue about the "war on terror." Do some nations have the right to terrorize others in the name of fighting terror? Do the men and women who are running the American empire really expect people to accept the notion that torturing human beings in the name of freedom and democracy will, somehow, spread goodness and defeat evil? Does it make sense to expect people whose homes have been demolished, whose friends and neighbors and family members have been killed by an occupying army, to feel gratitude toward their oppressors?

I really hope Gerry Adams gets the chance to ask Israeli government officials why they continue to imprison more than a million people in Gaza, destroying an electrical plant so that Palestinians now have little or no water, terrifying and traumatizing Palestinian children, creating conditions in which they go hungry, turning their world into a living hell. Perhaps Mr. Adams will point out that the British spent 800 years hanging, jailing, torturing, assassinating and exiling Irish freedom fighters. Nothing worked. Just when Britain thought it had terrorized Ireland into submission, the Irish would rise up again, and then again. Mr. Adams might also want to tell his hosts that after the Vietnam war ended, communist officials in Hanoi revealed that they had been prepared to fight for another 100 years, or longer, to defeat the American imperialists.

I doubt that anything Gerry Adams might say will penetrate the Orwellian arrogance of Israeli officials who fret and strut under the protection of the American empire. Like their counterparts in Ireland, Vietnam, and other parts of the world, the Palestinian people will never stop resisting colonialism and imperialism. And until the United States government stops funding campaigns to terrorize people in Gaza, the West Bank, and now Lebanon, there will never be peace in the Middle East or the world.






























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10 September 2006

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