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Gratefully Remembering

'We, the people of Erie, humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial, gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain the rightful independence of our Nation.' — Preamble to the Irish Constitution of 1937

Eoghan O’Suilleabhain • 27 Febraury 2006

When Johnny Connors lay dying in 1930’s America his Doctor asked him what his last wish was and Johnny said: “Bury me amongst the men.” The Doctor didn’t know what he was talking about and assumed delirium. But Johnny’s friends who like him had to flee Ireland after the Civil War knew what he meant. He wanted to be gratefully remembered for his patriotic sacrifice along with all his fellow Republicans who refused the previous British dilution of Irish independence.

All truly independent nations gratefully remember. That’s why Israel would never permit Hammas to march triumphantly at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem anymore than the US would permit Al Qada to strut their stuff around the Ground Zero Memorial in New York or anywhere else in America for that matter. But then again, nationalism and republicanism are treasured in places like Israel and America perhaps even too much. Only in small weak powerless countries with a history of colonialism and neo-colonialism is the opposite aspiration encouraged by the usual parasitic elite.

No manner of self-loathing is too good for these people, fifth columnists all. For them even our native language is subversive and discouraged. Imagine Israel making Hebrew or the Netherlands making Dutch voluntary because few people outside of those countries speak it. Such self-imposed subjugation is unheard of in those places. But come to Ireland and see all kinds of national self-hatreds. Unlike Israel and the USA our little government and all its carnival barking acolytes insist that British Loyalists be permitted to march triumphantly up and down O’Connell Street past the GFO, the 1916 birthplace of the 32 counties Irish Republic. Why?

Is nothing sacred? British Loyalists don’t get to march in America because despite free speech and association there, treason isn’t permitted. And even if British Loyalists were finally allowed to march down Pennsylvania Avenue past the White House they previously burnt down, it would only be as comic relief not to be taken seriously because the Brits aren’t taken seriously there anymore. Not the case though here in Ireland, because the British occupation continues despite all the Queen’s lies and all the Queen’s fictions saying otherwise. You can smell it on Holy Cross school children’s clothing.

The nose knows. But apparently olfactory nodes are in short supply for most of South Dublin’s chattering classes. Hence their standard litany of recent attacks in the usual media places. Shock and outrage was had by them over Irish National and Republican rioters who protested British Loyalists marching in Dublin allegedly hurting some of the Guardi escorting them thus putting an end to this ungrateful remembrance.

Thankfully no one was killed in what was at the end of the day a fairly restrained effort on the part of those protesting. However, as per usual irony abounds from all those kneelers to the patron saint of Michael Collins who killed many unarmed Irish policemen among others and destroyed millions of pounds in property damage all in an effort to make D4 a better place for West Brits to rule from. To borrow a phrase in case anyone had forgotten, violence is what they do too and even more so. Clearly it was as always a case all around of our riot and revolution good, your riot and revolution bad.

Even Gerry Adams, the formerly great Ballymurphy rioter, insisted that everyone from PSF avoid this protest by staying home or by having an alibi. How far the mighty have fallen. Good it was to hear though that a lot those protesting were young Irish men obviously not taken in by the conventional Free State wisdom they have been fed all their lives. Truth told this is the real worry of our neo-colonial establishment. Their own youth don’t believe them and so their rule by fooling isn’t working. The ever growing abundance of alternative sources of news and information provide people with competing versions of events and reality, often times at odds with what their rulers provide them. And this potentially could be the beginning of the end… and they know it.

That’s why a big house Negro like Eoghan Harris, like Conor Cruise O’Brien before him, is now calling for censorship:

On Saturday morning, only a few hours before the march started, Newstalk was carrying competitions for jokes about "why the Orangeman crossed the road". This was followed by a five-second clip from Damien Kiberd's lunchtime show in which he mockingly asked if they were going to play 'Kick the Pope' music? In the absence of any pluralist programmes putting the point of view of the Protestant marchers, are we asked to believe that this did not create a sour climate? Any public inquiry into the attack on the march - and there should be an inquiry - should pay close attention to the tribal role played by Newstalk 106 in relation to its Dublin working-class audience. The buck for this brand of brutalist broadcasting stops with Damien Kiberd, the news editor of Newstalk who writes a column in the republican Daily Ireland. The Broadcasting Commission, if it has the guts of a mouse, should listen to the tapes of Newstalk 106 over the past two weeks, ask experts to evaluate their effect on an ill-educated section of the public and consider whether Newstalk 106 should be allowed to spread their atavistic views to a national audience. —Sectarians are the 'syphilis of our passions', from the Sunday Independent, February 26, 20 06 (emphasis added).

Why stop there though? Speaking of brutal broadcasting, God forbid the Jews should hear other Jews poke fun at anti-Semites even if only for five seconds without also getting a healthy dose of the Nazi point of view. And any 4th of July celebration in the States should be balanced by (ahem) pluralist programmes putting forth the point of view of former colonial British masters’ benevolent taxation without representation policies. Think of the effect otherwise (however measured) on the ill-educated section of people…they might grow to love their nation and (horrors) want to defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic. Irish nationalism for a national audience, forget about it. And let’s have none of this nonsense about Loyalism as a disease of British imperialism.

In the parallel world of self-loathing Irish who’d rather be British, Anglo-Saxon imperialism is a good benevolent thing and not just some other country’s nationalism spilling over its own borders. Reality there will always be outdone by a newer reality.

Better to be buried amongst the men.


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28 February 2006

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