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Brendan Hughes
Comrade and Friend

Dolours Price • 17 February 2008

Brendan Hughes was a man of principle, an idealist who devoted his life to the cause of removing all vestiges of the British presence in Ireland.

Those who would term Brendan a "No-Hoper" are wrong. Brendan was, as we are, full of hope that will will find and realise our hopes for a free and unfettered Ireland.

Those who lost hope have embraced Britishness with open arms and open hands.

Brendan could not be bought. He lived humbly in his last years; let those who have prospered from this war hang their heads in shame as they cruise between their various properties in their four wheelers.

Brendan was aware very early on that the "buy out" known as the "Peace Process" was directed at those who craved power and money. Now they run the British Administration in the six northern counties for the enemy. Treachery beyond all anticipation.

Brendan Hughes sought no personal gain. He was a giant of a man, a Republican leader who led from the front. He asked no volunteer to do what he would not do himself; he fought side by side with his volunteers.

If, as Martin McGuinness has described those of us opposed to the agreement with Britain, if Brendan was a "no hoper," then he stands amongst a brave and valiant crew. Cathal Brugha, Harry Boland, Maud Gonne, Mary MacSwiney, all, and many more, castigated because they were uncompromising Republicans.

Those who once professed to be Republicans and now act as British Administrators in the six counties, let them hang their heads in shame at the way in which they treated Brendan in his last years. Let them look into their souls and ask, "Could I have been that brave?"

They rose to prosper on the back and bravery of Brendan; he had no time for personal gain or power. He served that old lady, "Republicanism" and served her well. Today we lost that great Republican.

I am proud to call him comrade and friend.




















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24 February 2008

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17 February 2008

Brendan Hughes
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