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Irish News Report of the Funeral of Brendan Hughes


Dolours Price 24 February 2008

I take to task Allison Morris for her biased report of the funeral of Brendan Hughes, Republican legend.

She made the Irish News sound more like the Sinn Fein Andersonstown News than the impartial newspaper we have come to expect the Irish News to be.

Naturally, we got the familiar photo of Gerry Adams carrying yet another coffin. In her naming of those present she mentioned only members of Sinn Fein and those who support their strategy.

She makes reference to "Republicans of all shades of green". Is Mr. Adams pale green and are those of us who oppose his acceptance of British rule in the six Northern Counties emerald green, or bottle green or, God preserve us, khaki green? What does that phrase mean? It is tosh!

To even up the record there were many of us there who have, as Brendan himself did, long since parted company with the collaborators and informers of Sinn Fein.

Writers from The Blanket, Anthony and Carrie Mc Intyre, Tommy Gorman, and Fourthwrite editor Tommy Mc Kearney were all present as were past and present members of the IRSP including Kevin Mc Quillian and Willie Gallagher, Republican Sinn Fein were there as was veteran Republican Billy Mc Kee, and from the 32 Counties Soveregnity Movement there was Francie Mackey, Joe Dillon and Marian Price. People, well opposed to Sinn Fein, from Derry, Dublin, and other parts of the Country were there to pay their respects to a brave and uncompromising Republican.

To read Allison Morris' piece one would think that Sinn Fein were the chief mourners. They who castigated Brendan in his last years, they, whose leader's wife told Brendan to "Fuck off". (Nice lady).

The antics of this woman's husband, Gerry Adams, jockying for position behind the coffin was comparable to the mad antics of a Tom Cruise seeking attention on the red carpet.

This was Brendan's day. Those of us who respected him in life and death were put to a hard test to hold our tongues and maintain the dignity of the occassion. We were there in grief, not for photo opportunities.

I watched as Gerry Adams, ushered by Fra Mc Cann, pushed past priest, coffin, and family in his anxiety to get himself well-placed for the cameras.

The man is an ignoramus and his ego has affected his head. He has lost all sense of proportion in his greed for attention.

His day came, and as recent electorial results show, has gone. He may earn a Lordship as did his predecessor Gerry Fitt: "Lord Gerry Of Ballymurphy". But his dream of the Aras is dashed, all other dreams he gave up at St. Andrews.

Retire now, Gerry, before you become an even more comical figure.

To return to the article by Allison Morris, it was either a propoganda piece for the Provos or a very sloppy piece of journalism. Brendan deserved better.












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24 February 2008

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17 February 2008

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