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Jury Duty Free State

Dolours Price • 5 July 2006

I was called, as I have been before, to serve on a jury, in this the State.

I had before been able to declare myself ineligible by dint of activities in England. Nowhere in this summons could I find a way out. I had not been convicted of any felonious activity within the State, and indeed, I was not immune to be a jury member.

I was summonsed to appear, and appear I did.

I stood with with my potential jurors to attention when called, as the judge arrived. Our names were called and I noted that only my own response was anseo.

I knew where I was going in this court.

We were all put in the box for the next day. Things above our heads, things legal, things that we need not bother ourselves about were passed here and there. There was much twigging of wigs, and a lot of in talk, and we the "people", left in our inborn respect, asked nothing. Perhaps we were meant to be glad to be there, to be recognised as part of the Democracy that our Forefathers fought for.

Well, not me.

Having declared myself anseo, which is more than I should have done, I decided that, experience though it might have been, and with Twelve Angry Men in my head, I decided that my head had more to do. And I don't recognise the Free-State anyway.

After dismissal to the next day, I raised my hand in question to the Judge.

She was a she.

"I," said I, "am an Irish Republican."

"I do not recognise the sovereignty of your Free-State and I, being born into the six Northern Counties left out of your Nation, I feel that I cannot serve on an judicial system that pretends to represent the whole people of Ireland."

She did not blink. I believe perhaps the anseo had her prepared, but she said, "You are excused Jury Duty for Life."

Last person to say to me "for Life" was Sebag-Shaw. And that was for blowing up bits of England. Funny old world.

Day to day stuff. Blows me away!























































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