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Rest, Do Not Surrender


Dolours Price • 3 March 2007

Watching Martin Mc Guinness on Questions and answers last night I could not but notice how he has grown into his "politician" mode.

I remember a time when he was a fine looking boy and one you would not turn your nose up at. We all grow old. But the inside shows on the face and if you spend as many years as he has selling a "fanny" (in the Belfast use of the word), then perhaps you look weary, "guilty?".

It was all lads together, and he trying to convert one of the most bigoted and sectarian women I have ever had the displeasure to listen to. The tight, purt lips, the fake laughter, the "not" and "never an inch" mentality. And you think, Martin, you could work with that to make up your little "Northern Ireland" State.

No, my son, it will never happen. It may flutter and fade, and flutter and fade again but it is a dead duck in the water. I do not admire your attempt to "solve" the question. I abhor your prolonguing of the agony. It cannot be fixed, not this way. There is no superglue that will hold this one together.

It was broken a long time ago. Put it in the bin. Let's go back to basics, let's have the courage to face it full on. Partition was wrong, was the source of all our difficulties since. Do not try to accomodate what is blatantly flawed, that is a no win position.

Speak up, speak up, and I may speak with you.

I watched with no great passion Gerry Adams being interviewed for some channel or other. I noticed more his grey hair and remembered him as a younger man. I watched his politician ways, his holding up of his manifesto as men used to come round our estate with suitcases full of dross, laces, polish, things you must have. I blushed for him, Gerry.

It will not be bought. Your cry for the reinstatement of STORMONT. Have you lost all sense of yourself? Do you think for one minute that this is the way forward? Partition, two states on the one island of Ireland, one British, one Irish? Are you so lost in the ego of power that you cannot see the destruction of all that Republicanism stands for?

You let it slip, you said, "we live in a very small place." You meant the six counties, you do now call them "Northern Ireland," and there ends your claim to Republicanism.

Let it go, Gerry, be who you want to be, but do not offend we, your former comrades, by claiming to be a Republican. You have greater things ahead of you than sacrifice and principles — those are for the losers, but the true. I now know you never meant it. I did.

There was a piece which I had not read, since I have been lost in Trinity Law School for too long, and now that I have read it, it is probably out of date. No-one's opinions are out of date, so I dare to respond.

The piece quoted Roger Casement.

Sisters and brothers you soon shall discover
the sword's your freedom
the source of your laws
Persue Revolution
though it's no solution
For without constant change
comes exploitable flaws.

Roger Casement, one of our great, and too little sung heroes (because he was gay?).

Not for me to say, I could not give a damn which way a person is inclined to be sexually. Freedom, that's what Republicans, true Republicans, hold to.

Roger Casement in the dock, dignified and heroic. Compared to some who would call themselves "Republican" today? I rest my case.

There was no teaching of Republicanism, there was no time in 1969 — but there was time since; unless, there was an "elite" who wanted to run the show?

Baah, baahs and votes were the target, and they were got. But what had any of that to do with Republicanism? Nationalism, fair play in Northern Ireland, yes, all to do with that. And relative success in an SDLP sense. So tell us, "Sinn Fein", and you do not warrant the title, are you just the SDLP with a Militia?

Now there is no getting away from it. They cut us deep and hurt us hard. In our wildest dreams we never thought they could sink to such treachery, to don the British Uniform. Our comrades, our volunteers, those we fought beside, shared cells with, are to become part of the British State called Northern Ireland.

Are to embrace Partition, to accept the rule of their British masters and tough luck to you who died or were killed. What lies could have been told? What mind could accept these lies?

Yes, we are all tired. But rest, do not surrender.

Do not surrender. I plead with you who have doubts so wellfounded that you, I, know they are true doubts. This is a blind alley and at the end are waiting the muggers.

They have made it good out of this sell-out. A life beyond their dreams. It is only for the few, as are all political settlements. Big jobs, big salaries for those who never threw a stone. Step forward Mary Lou. Give us your credentials? Ambition and cheek. You would claim victory over our dead volunteers graves, the back of my hand to you, you pup!

This is not the end. This is a new beginning. The dross will fall into comfort in Dail Eireann, Stormont, Europe. That is their life's desire. We are bigger than that, we want more than that because we want it for all the people, not just for ourselves. We want equality, in jobs, in thinking, in rights to opinion, in sexual orientation, in all the freedoms valid in a civilised society.

Hold firm. We are all low, but we are here, and we are not going away! You may well live to regret that statement, Mr. Adams. You are like the Titanic, and you can be sunk.









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