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Dolours Price • 28 June 2006

Whilst hunting for a piece I wished to respond to I came across a letter from Cathal Donnelly, April 20 2004.

I admit I am slow to respond but since my sons now have laptops I can really see what is going on in this small world of comment, conversation, exchange and discussion.

"Laptops," I hear the begrudgers say, "well for them", their father has a good job, does good work and that is more than can be said for many who have, and own more.

Cathal makes those awful, low esteem remarks like, "come in from the cold". Republicans were never out in the cold, our position was always clear, and clearly right. I was never in the cold. I was always in the heat of the struggle. You fall into the old trap of feeling that you must belong to the Establishment before being kosher. It is that awful inbred sense of servitude and subserviance that causes you to make such remarks.

Republicans never knocked at the door of the Establishment, rather we placed a device at that door to remove it; those who choose to cross the door, invited by the enemy (whether in sheeps clothing or not) do no service to the Republican Cause. They make our Struggle harder because they join the enemy.

Cathal refers to "building from the ground upwards" to establish the Republic we want. What ground and upwards to where?

"Empowerment", this has become a very "in" word in Sinn Fein spake. The people must be "empowered" (i.e Sinn Fein must win elections).

And, Cathal says that "dissidents" (I argue his choice of termenology) must come up with an alternative. But Sinn Fein came up with the alternative: join the system, recognise the partition of Ireland, the Unionist veto and go hell for leather for political power in a partitioned Ireland. As I see it, only the "dissidents" remained true to the Republican principles as laid down after the disaster of a Treaty signed away the six Counties to Britain.

Believe me, Cathal, the Brits do not want to stay, the people who want them to stay will have the last word and, by God, "beidh linn an la". I looked deep into their eyes at Burntollett and I knew then, sixteen years old and I knew then who would make all the decisions about the six Northern Counties. I made my mind up then to fight for what was rightly mine and stolen by blackmail and brinkmanship, not to mention the possibility of an illegitimate son born from Michael Collins! The plot thickens!

Unity in the North, Power sharing, if you believe that will ever happen then you are away with the fairies.
















































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2 July 2006

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