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Ballymurphy Slaying

D. O'Grady • 8 February 2006

I would like to start of by saying that I am in no way condoning the actions of certain individuals that are responsible for the death of Gerad Devlin. I, like many others in the community, think that it is shameful and disgusting that an unarmed man was attacked by up to 5 men with knives and other weapons.

Like everybody else, I am also only too aware that this hasn't just happened out of the blue, as it's been years in the making. As a witness the first time around when "Dev" had his throat slit, it came as no surprise to me that somebody was going to end up dead. I urge those responsible for the death to come forward and hand themselves in, for more than one reason as there are members of the Notorantonio family that took no part and had nothing to do with the "feud" that have had their homes petrol bombed and have been made to leave their family homes. Business have been attacked and disgustingly enough dogs belonging to members of the family have been slain.

When the family left their homes after being asked to, they were still petrol bombed. I dont agree with this but I do understand it as tensions and emotions do run high. It is now Wednesday night and there is still houses being burnt. I put out all my sympathys to the Loughran and the Devlin families, as anyone with any morals or conscience would. I'm just asking for a calm in Ballymurphy now as it is starting to look like Beirut once night falls. The community once again is falling apart.





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