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The Peace Progress and the State

Davy Carlin • 29 June 2006

Looking back over the recent Irish conflict many can and will draw their own conclusions on many aspects of it. For oneself though, in this article I wish to concentrate, in large part, on the issue of Collusion, that is, the state collusion in the murder of its own citizens.

Indeed, much has been raised in regard to this matter over recent times and has been carried in a number of newspaper articles, and so it is on such points raised that I pen this article.

Firstly though, I give a few lines from a brief statement I had made in recent times in regard to both the issue of collusion and the responses (or indeed the lack of, from many quarters).

Yet while many had raised such matters (Collusion) over the years (Republicans, supporters of them - and indeed many respected human right organisations - such was dismissed, ignored or even ridiculed as fantasy - by many.

Yet even as more facts come out, step by step, there is little 'uproar' about it, from many both in the media and those political parties who have went 'mental' at many a minor issue in the recent past.

For me, and many of my generation, this says a lot, more especially if even today that such is dismissed, ignored or ridiculed by such organisations and parties etc (even when such facts are provided).

Indeed what was it like in the seventies, eighties, nineties - it does not take one to have an in-depth knowledge of such to know that answer.

The issue of Collusion raised, is of such enormity, that it is hard to even get one's head around it.

What we had was a state that 'Directed' and 'Systematically' murdered its own citizens. Systematic - through targeting, providing of information for, setting up and 'taking out 'required targets - both for military and political reasons. This, setting aside the other murders of innocents that the agents of the state were carrying out.

Now think about that - the state - and it went to the highest of levels, knew of, and were directing the murder of its own citizens - the enormity of this, and yet apart from those who are and have reported on such matters, many others show little sign of acknowledging such - for whatever interests.

Yet this collusion went to the very heart of the system - within every aspect of it and within every one of its functions. Yet as we are lead to believe (in some quarters) that the state was just colluding in the cover up and murder of those Terrorists (and therefore that is O.K) - well for myself it had seen childhood school friends, from a child (a young girl) murdered and collusion of cover up, it seen a relative now, again a child (a young boy), again murdered and collusion of cover up, it seen a young innocent neighbour, murdered via collusion and cover up.

The list goes on in their hundreds over the decades, for many families.

Yet for many such collusion is of little surprise if one has even a limited understanding of the history of the British Colonial past and indeed present. Indeed many of their tactics employed are in many ways the same, today.

I remember when after the war in Iraq was declared over when various Socialist and left wing parties and publications were talking of the insurgency against the occupation as the New Vietnam, even then.

For oneself though, I had almost solely raised the issue of the lessons learnt of such Colonial Powers involved and the 'real preparation for the Iraqisation of Iraq and all the various historical lessons of Colonial and Imperial history that could be used. Even then I had risen of how they would use such aspects ranging from normalisation through to their experiences and personnel in Ireland to attempt to deal with the issue.

Of course little pre-planning for after the illegal war went into this, by some, but what benefit they did have, was that long history of occupation, division, and control, to fall back on, and which they would utilise.

Of course, and as stated then, they could be in Iraq (in force, unless forced out) for many years to come, although their 'Colonial supporters' would always remain to ensure their interests are secured in that region, and all resources would be continued to be provided to try to ensure such.

Such occupations though will continued to be resisted as has been the case in the long history of Colonial and Imperialist intervention, some resistance, mass, while at other times less so, with various tactics and strategies over time used in the course of the resistance. Nevertheless that region will see such resistance for many, many a year to come as they continue to attempt to boot out the illegal occupying forces, as other struggles had done and still do today.

And in doing so, Collusion (although in differing circumstances) will of course be used by the occupiers to attempt to secure their aims. Therefore the targeting and infiltration of various organisations will have long begun, and murder and death will of course follow with that, as it always does, as such collateral damage means little to the overall interest of the occupiers.

Indeed as I have always said that the only interest of such states is the state interest itself - remove that, and then it is only a matter of time until their removal, if the right circumstances are created locally.

Indeed they will use such history and experience once again, as they hop from Ireland to Iraq, in regard to some more of their Colonial lessons learnt.

Yet as more and more comes out in relation to such Collusion within the Irish conflict it though is interesting to watch how many supposed democrats and democratic parties and organisations re-act to such. It shows in many cases and in very real terms, that political interest ascends well above democratic values in regard to such murders and brutality that had happened during the conflict, as well as the others that may well continue, including within the tidying up exercise still ongoing.

Indeed many of them, for their own interests concentrate almost solely on paramilitary violence, while side-stepping state violence, or worst, excusing it. While many issues of the past are raised, and as we continue forward into a future, many though want questions answered to attempt to bring closure to the deaths of their loved ones.

While I, like many others, know that such Collusion is but another aspect of a state apparatus (they believe) to be used if they believe it needs to be used to secure the interests of the said state, it nevertheless does not make it right.

Indeed there are various aspects of collusion, may it be direct Collusion through the targeting and direct murder of someone through to the collusion in the cover up of murder, or indeed other political and organisational collusion etc, again many aspects of the state have been involved in this.

And on that, and as I read deeper, a small point. Indeed I raise once again the issue of the withdrawing of essential funding for the West Belfast Feile. To me it seems ironic that such a community festival which had replaced the bonfires, the riots and childhood traumas, that had provided kids and adults alike with an avenue for creativity and talent rather than destruction and violence is attacked in such a crude way.

This is a disgrace and completely unacceptable and needs to be continually stood against.

For me I remember the first ever Feile and the winning of a medal for sport, through to last one and the running in a Race against Racism, with already even this year my partner volunteering to, and already working (like many others) to provide such essential outlets, through putting on a play for special needs.

Similarly, and again on the issue of the Conway Mill, we have seen the vast resources being lauded and poured into expensive venues for the people who can afford them, while such essential venues like the Conway Mill being ignored for the people that need them.

There is the politic of old afoot here in that regard, and such needs to be stood firm against, visible and otherwise.

And on the politics of old (and whatever one thinks of the peace process), and on the aul assembly and the DUP.

Well the DUP, in real terms, as stated, want to attempt to reel back many essential issues of equality and organisational protections and securities, this quite simply cannot happen.

Watching this complete farce, for many, has now become boring and unacceptable. If the DUP cannot be reeled in and won't do business then the assembly should be shut down. Then essential human, equality and cross border rights, agencies and realties should be forwarded.

Indeed, this would still, I believe, secure much continuance for citizens of our society while, for the DUP, I believe, severely hampering both them as an organisation, and many of their aspirations.

While for many the institutions up and running would be better (local and accountable in many regards, whatever one thinks of their left - right directions), the fact remains of the DUP's continued hardball.

Quite simply such may very well be continued to be faced down as they will slowly realise, in real terms, that there is either this, in which they can share power, or plan B which very well may not be to their liking or indeed to their understanding.

Indeed, historically and presently, such states create their own circumstances (occupation and division, brutality and injustice) and those that stand against such are those who in most cases have quite simply been driven to re-act through the circumstances created by the state.

Indeed through providing injustice and brutality they create resistance and revolt, and as was - is, in Ireland, and so in Iraq, they will be there for decades to come.

Therefore I state, do they seek to bring democracy and stability through bombing and slaughtering men, women and children from on high, is democracy brought about by massacres of innocent civilians, is it brought through the brutality and injustices and human rights abuses inflicted on sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, friends and neighbours. Is democracy brought about by the sanctions and starvations of a people, of the undemocratic overthrowing or dismissing of elected and popular governments and decisions, and much more?

No it is not, and they know it - but, and as always such state interest is the interest of the state itself.

And because of that as children in such situations grow up seeing such injustice and brutality, both political and economic then they will of course come to their own understanding and decisions. Similar as I had done, when, as I had once written, yet I had once as a child bowed to such injustices but now with its continuance and growing overtness I realised that I could bow my head to such no longer.

If we are to move forward then many such lessons need to be learnt, if not then such will always always be challenged and resisted - as it rightly should, through various avenues, while in tandem seeing that struggle and ultimate aim for fundamental change continuing.

And with that said, I finish this article as I had started, on that essential issue of state Collusion.

And on that point I leave you with my mothers in law's words, as she talks about her young brother, a child , murdered at the hands of the state, and still to this day thirty years on seeks truth and justice.

Yet even on such matters of such a young life being taken there are still those, for their own interests who still see such as little consequence.

And so for those who continue to speak out about such, to those who still struggle on for that truth and justice, for me they are worth a million of such politicians, who, for some, their interest and gains are self orientated and whose primacy is that of getting one over on the other side.

And so I leave you with my mother -in -laws words.

'There have been a lot of families in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales who have suffered the same grief as my family, I realise their grief is neither less nor greater than the hurt we still suffer, there is no hierarchy in the grief of families. We have all been the victims of the mismanagement of successive British governments and politicians. I do believe, however, that those in positions of authority have a duty to protect and defend the people they claim to serve; therefore, their behaviour should be beyond reproach. This includes members of the security forces, police and 'activists' from both sides of the political divide who felt compelled to either defend their community or further their political agendas. I believe that all life is sacred. If however, you choose to be a combatant you do so understanding the consequences may incur you being responsible for taking someone's life or indeed losing your own. In the hierarchy of victims I believe the innocent murdered civilians must be taken into consideration first'.

Such states have much to answer for, yet dealing with and facing such political and economic inequalities, providing and winning such various truth's and justice's may indeed, for some, begin to help to move them forward in their lives.

For oneself I seek and work for fundamental change of society, but in doing so stand firm with, and acknowledge those who are attempting to drive forward on many of these issues for positive and progressive change.

Yet for all those concerned with such, both visible and otherwise, we all need collectively, whatever differences we hold, to face down that politic of old holding all back, and to push to drive such issues forward as so to attempt to provide a just and more equal society for all of our citizens.





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