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Response to 'Intelligencer' of The Irish Voice

Carrie Twomey, Editor of The Blanket • 5 September 2006

Hurley and Al Zarqawi
IF there is a mouthpiece for the IRA dissidents it is on the Internet at something called “The Blanket,” which annually prints all the anti-Sinn Fein propaganda you could ever need to read.
Interesting, then, to see they have also begun printing Pat Hurley’s anti-Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform missives in recent weeks. Hurley, the Cork Association president, has virulently attacked ILIR, claiming the group is undermining Judeo Christian values among other very strange claims.
Does his appearance on “The Blanket” make Hurley at one with the dissidents? Hard to know, but it certainly begs the question as to why he would be submitting his material to those who run the site.
And the anti-Americanism on the site is quite intense — a recent article regretted the death of the fanatical killer and America hater Abu Musab Al Zarqawi. Does Hurley also agree with his editors at “The Blanket” that the death of Al Zarqawi was unfortunate?
Its just another question for the ordinary Cork Association members to ask of their president who has succeeded in dragging the association down this strange path with them. It must be a trifle disconcerting to know that their president is consorting with such blatant anti-American and anti-peace process foes like those at “The Blanket.”
- Intelligencer, Irish Voice, 30 August 2006



In a recent Intelligencer (surely a misnomer?) tidbit, reference is made to articles submitted to The Blanket by Mr Patrick Hurley. What Intelligencer fails to grasp in his use of the breadth of material on The Blanket as a stick to beat Hurley with, is that the core of The Blanket is its free speech, anti-censorship ethos. (He could hardly be unaware of this given the mission statement on the front page of The Blanket.)

We take all comers at The Blanket, regardless of whether their viewpoint is agreeable to us or not. That is the point of freedom of speech, and what follows from it: the ability to think for yourself. So Intelligencer can attempt to link what is obviously a collection of wide and sometimes conflicting viewpoints in a bid to smear his political opponents, but it only makes him look vindictive and rather silly. It may not have dawned on Intelligencer that perhaps Mr Hurley submits his work to The Blanket because he appreciates its commitment to freedom of speech and the space it gives to a diversity of views.

If I may correct Intelligencer in regards to this question to Mr Hurley: "Does Hurley also agree with his editors at “The Blanket” that the death of Al Zarqawi was unfortunate?" The editors at The Blanket have not expressed an opinion on the death of Al Zarqawi. It is unclear which article Intelligencer is referring to (I believe it may have been a letter?), but regardless, it clearly states on The Blanket, "The author bears sole responsibility for the opinion he or she expresses". Unless a by-line attributes authorship to the Editor of The Blanket, the opinion in the article published belongs solely to the author who penned it.

Obviously, this allows for people to disagree and hold contrary views. I am sure writers such as David Adams, Dr. John Coulter, Rev. Brian Kennaway, the late Billy Mitchell, Eoin O'Broin, Fr. Sean Mac Manus, Mehdi Mozaffari, Maryam Namazie and others would all be quite surprised to find that they lamented the death of Al Zarqawi—while simultaneously becoming Republican dissidents and anti peace process—by the simple act of writing for The Blanket.

Publications such as the Irish Voice may have an editorial policy that entails stamping a particular party line on all its articles; that is its prerogative. But that is not the policy or the ethos of The Blanket in any form whatsoever. This difference may explain why Intelligencer regards the diversity of The Blanket as "a strange path". If the Cork Association values free speech, they may think it a worthy path to tread and support it just as Mr Hurley has done.


Carrie Twomey,
Editor of The Blanket

Published in the Irish Voice, 6 September 2006





























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