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Time for the End of an Era

Chris Robinson • 12 February 2006

The IRA has disarmed. The people of Ireland have spoken. An era has come to an end.

The time of diatribe and threat is over. Ireland is part of a new Europe now and notions of 'them and 'us' are increasingly irrelevant, if not laughed at, by the rest of the world.

Mr Paisley is a dinosaur now and it's high time he was made a museum piece with the rest of his clan. The children of Ireland neither need nor deserve his ideas. His time is over. Gone and a new world where nobody need die for their religion or nationality is easily within reach. Mr Paisley will not change, but he needs to be ignored. Needs to be before one more life is lost on his altar of division and hypocrisy.

United Ireland? Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on how you look at it.

But a murder free state? Who wouldn't sign up? Don't let the dinosaurs have even one more laugh. Mr Paisley and his ilk won't have the last. No way. No how. But even one more is far, far, far, too many. The time for divisive, archaic, politics is over and with it the time of all those who would have us back in the dark ages. We all have our history. We al have enough reason, should we chose to gather from it. The point is, it is a choice. The old way of choosing is past. Let it die, please,before one more person does.

If you preach hatred you begat the acts that follow. Down the pub or up on the pulpit, it's all the same. Give a reason and there's some will take action, and who then is to blame?

No more, Mr Paisley. Not a single soul. And Mr Adams, you heed this too. And you, Mr 'Rider of the high stool'; and Mr, or Mrs, 'I know what's right'. Quit it. Stop. Finish. I am no more better than you than you of me. But I know I want an end to war. Any war. The only reason left now is in your memory. I have respect for that, but I wouldn't write it in anybody's blood, and I don't understand why you would choose to. Not these days.





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