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Why Ireland is Unfree


(Author's note: As this column reports news that the rest of the news media cover up, corrections of fact remain warmly welcome and will be included in the following month's column. So far, none - after ten years.)

Chris Fogarty • Irish American News, February 2006

GERRY ADAMS & CO. (A & Co) - patriots or traitors? You decide: "by their fruits ye shall know them." Here are their fruits.

Denis Donaldson, top Sinn Fein (SF) operative and head man at SF's Stormont Castle offices, was a key Adams confidant for more than three decades until being "outed" last month. On RTE television he admitted being a paid operative for Britain's MI5 for at least the past two decades. How did MI5, through Donaldson, get SF to front for the reimposition of British rule in Ireland? If A & Co were not complicit with Donaldson how could they have possibly failed to notice the new Brit policy that MI5 was imposing on Occupied Ireland? After all, the treason was inescapably obvious for years to the casual observer even here in Chicago.

Michael Flannery. As far back as 1986 this New York life-long supporter (R.I.P) of Irish freedom, spotted A & Co as traitors and permanently severed ties with them. He also resigned from A & Co's subservient Irish Northern Aid (INA) and re-established the Friends of Irish Freedom (FOIF) in the U.S. The FOIF supported the SF'rs who had not sold out. These were (are) led by the O Bradaigh family, Dathi O Connell (RIP) et al who still operate as Republican Sinn Fein (RSF). At that time I was of the opinion that the split of SF in Ireland would not cause splits in Irish-America (IA) if we were careful. Flannery remained faithful to republicanism until his death in his 90s. A & Co attempted to marginalize him for rejecting the sell-out and exposing it.

A & Co. Alienate the US. In 1989 at INA's national convention in Toledo, Ohio, Donaldson's predecessor (Brian O'Donnell), was SF's rep in the US. He managed to alienate nearly everyone present. In retrospect, that is probably why he was sent to the States. Chicago INA officers told O'Donnell that they were finished with SF and INA. Soon thereafter they allied with the true, RSF and joined Flannery's FOIF, leaving behind a rump INA in Chicago that continued to tout Adams (perhaps still does). Donaldson, upon his replacing McDonnell as A & Co rep in the US, continued their policy of rancor and division in NY. He removed the officers of The Irish People newspaper and put Atty. Martin Galvin in charge of it. Not long thereafter A & Co replaced Galvin with McDonough and Boyle. Later they, too, were removed. Some time later the Irish People, Irish republicanism's main voice in the US, died. It is now clear that A & Co killed it.

A & Co. Oppose Truth about the Irish Holocaust. This truly shocked us. When an "Irish Famine" book was being promoted in east coast cities from Boston to Miami, its author was met by groups demanding that she stop covering up the Food Removal. The groups (I came to know some of them) distributed to the author and attendees copies of my Mass Graves of Ireland; 1845-1850 pamphlet. The distributors were physically attacked; not by Brits or KKK members, but by A & Co. affiliates. One such person whose group also destroyed boxes of pamphlets identified herself as Padraigin Newell, leader of A & Co's support group at George Mason U. Newell stated that she was an officer of A & Co's SF and was acting as such. This was borne out by her associates.

Adams' Visit. While in the US Adams wrecked IA's clout in Washington. The damage seems to be permanent. Prior to Adams' visit IA had some 150 congressmen on our side after years of careful cultivation. Here is how Adams wrecked us politically. Hoping for the best re his impending US visit IA had lobbied for a visa for him. But then we noticed that it was the pro-Brit pols including Kennedy and Moynihan who postured as pursuing the visa. Upon Adams' arrival he snubbed the 150 congressmen who had supported Irish republicanism. He thanked the half-dozen or so pro-Brit congressmen and gave them the photo-ops and political credit for the reduction of violence in Occupied Ireland. By this means he betrayed IA and the 150 congressmen who had been supportive of justice and freedom for Occupied Ireland. Politics is a rough business; pols had rightfully expected recognition for standing with IA. Having received nothing but insult from Adams and IA's news media as reward for their support for IA, they obviously decided that it is too dangerous to ever again support issues such as the MacBride Principles, the Birmingham Six, or freedom for Joe Doherty. (In the late '60s and early '70s IA had the support of four powerful politicians known as "The Four Horsemen." They were Sens. Ted Kennedy and Dan Moynihan, House Speaker "Tip" O'Neill and NY Gov. Carey. But after Bloody Sunday in 1973 the Brits, alarmed by the international and, in particular, US outrage, began a campaign of subversion of IA political support. We don't know the means used, but within months all four "Horsemen" turned against us and never again voted in favor of justice for the Occupied Irish.)

Adams' Escorts during his Chicago visits were two MI5/FBI moles. In a letter we handed to Adams in Kroch & Brentano bookstore on LaSalle St. we alerted him that one of them was a mole (we didn't know the other was also a mole at the time). In retrospect it is revealing that Adams did not replace them.

Adams and "Terrorism." In that same letter we begged Adams to use his media moment to win America for Ireland by making it clear that the Brits are the terrorists. For example, of the 174 children murdered in the post-1969 phase of the struggle, all but twenty of them were murdered by British forces. In case he didn't have the homicide facts on his tongue-tip we also handed him a copy of Sutton's undisputed An Index of Deaths from the Conflict in Ireland; 1969-1993. But on network TV that night and others, Adams smirked his acquiescence to being labeled an "ex-terrorist" by show hosts. Only he can explain why he thus used his media moments by abetting Britain's Big Lie and falsely incriminating as unreconstructed "terrorists" all who had not sold out with him.

Activists Replacement. Having wrecked IA's political effectiveness by alienating the 150 supportive congressmen, Adams further marginalized IA activists. He, with hidden help, set up groups whom he fraudulently credited (accepted by the imposters) with the years of successful lobbying and organizing that the actual activists had performed. IA's corrupted news media participated in the build-up of the imposters and recorded their visits to the White House as if they were legit. Not a one of the imposters had ever supported the cause or won over a politician. Many of them had actively opposed our efforts; but now, like A & Co, they posture as the political activists.

"Achieving Peace." A & Co and the pro-Brits around them point to MI5's Good Friday Agreement as having delivered peace to Occupied Ireland. They don't dare to even mention justice seeing that the Brits are again torturing republicans as in pre-Hunger Strike days. As to "peace," they depend on the news media to keep IA disinformed and unaware that the homicide rate in Occupied Ireland peaked way back in 1972 and has been on a sharp decline ever since and had dropped to small numbers well prior to A & Co's sell-out.

War Crimes Trials? There won't be any. The reason? Nearly all of the mass murders and other war crimes were perpetrated by Brit forces. A & Co's sell-out made the Brits the winners, and winners never try themselves for war crimes. The Brits always got the news media to blame atrocities on the IRA but the truth always prevailed, usually within days.

"Terrorism." Reasonably well-informed people know, despite the news media, that British forces were the terrorists in the Anglo-Irish conflict - they always were, throughout history. But to the extent that the public depended upon the news media for their "takes" on Occupied Ireland, they were misled into believing that the terrorists were Irish.

Article 2 and 3 of Ireland's Constitution. These were the prominent two articles that laid permanent claim to all of Ireland's national territory and adjoining seas. It is hard to believe, but they were rescinded under the Good Friday Agreement that A & Co were sent to the US to promote. The sixty-seven pages of the Good Friday Agreement were filled with baffle-gab, contradictions and aspirational posturings. There was only one-third of a page of clear language that was not contradicted elsewhere. It was the language that rescinded Articles 2 and 3 thus giving Ireland's Six Counties to Britain. That is what Ireland voted on when they were told to "Vote Yes For Peace." Adams was not alone in promoting this unprecedented reduction of national territory. It is hard to believe, but the Irish gov't were full participants in it.

A United Ireland has always been the goal of Ireland's patriots. Britain had proved over the centuries in Ireland that rule-by-murder is its permanent policy. Now Adams claims that reunification is his goal, too. He had better first explain how his successful campaign to abolish Articles 2 and 3 advanced that goal.

Martin McGuinness, Adams' partner, was the subject of a radio show last weekend. By phone, NY Radio Free Eireann show-host John McDonagh told me that last Saturday his show featured ex-MI5 mole Martin Ingram. Ingram has gone straight and is now blabbing on his ex-handlers. On air he reported that McGuinness's Brit handlers protected him from prosecution for the earlier murder of a Brit spy; and that the reason for protecting McGuinness was to enable McGuinness to continue doing the more important work of winning the war for Britain and securing the Six Counties for it. Radio Free Eireann can be heard live each Saturday at 12:30 to 2 pm Chicago time at or recorded on It is tragic about McGuinness. Many doubted that Adams had sold out, not because they trusted Adams, but because they trusted McGuinness, and they believed that Adams could not have sold out without McGuinness noticing it.

Denis Donaldson and Martin McGuinness, now both positively exposed as Brit agents were not as noticeably sell-outs as Adams was in his public actions. Adams' own deeds nailed him. The other two could have continued operating for MI5. But to be innocent they would also have to be considered blind to not have noticed Adams' deeds.

Sad World! All that danger and death! All those dead hungerstrikers! All now betrayed. A victory turned into ignoble defeat. Those three were the undisputed leaders of Sinn Fein, a once-proud party of patriots, now destroyed. But the 32-County Sovereignty Movement continues as does Republican Sinn Fein. They are not likely to be bought by anyone.




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