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Ballymurphy Being Attacked Within

Bobby O'Grady • 10 February 2006

Since 1969 the Loyalist, RUC and the British army have been trying to burn the people of the Murph out, all without success. Forward to 2006 and here we have our own so called protectors, C.R.J alias PIRA doing so without reproach, burning families out.

The Lochran/Devlin families have already said they want nothing to do with type of intimidation and to leave the Notarantonio families alone. This is being ignored because it suits the CRJ to push their will on the people. What's next, if they get their way they will put their people into these houses? Next month it will be somebody else's turn to be burnt out, for what, being of a different view to the policies of Sinn Fein.

JoJo O'Connor was murdered in the same street where last week's tragic events occured, no one was arrested, burnt or ordered out.

Robert McCartney was murdered in the Markets area, again, no one arrested, burnt, or ordered out, except the sisters of the slain McCartney.

Gerard Devlin's murder was a tragic event and the people responsible should be brought to justice, by a jury of their peers, not ordering and burning their families out of their own nationalist areas.

Shame on you Adams, Sinn Fein and CRJ/PIRA. You claim you fought for freedom but settled for power, and we all know power corrupts, burning nationalist families out of their homes, women and children having to move because, as you not so delicately put it, the community restoring justice wants these families out, since when have you ever listened to the people?

You certainly didn't listen to the families of O'Connor and McCartney when they called for justice.





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