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Brian Halpin • 1 February 2006

Policing and Republicans joining policing is dominating all our minds. To no surprise the motion proposed by Sinn Fein's Ard Comhairle was supported by over 90% of the grassroots.

But, is policing a bridge too far? Is it a complete sell out of our Republican ideals?

A friend of mine said to me the other day, if we forced the British government out of our country with armed force, one of our biggest problems was they were leaving behind an armed and sectarian force which is the RUC. Do we ignore policing or do we get involved? By ignoring policing are we leaving a repressive and sectarian police force solely in the hands of our enemies?

I am giving my thoughts from Dublin so I don't have as much authority to speak on this matter as someone who has actually lost a loved one to the RUC. It is a massive and courageous decision for them. If I lost a loved one to this police force maybe I would be thinking differently.

But let me explain my position. The area I am from in Dublin is over-run with anti-social behaviour and has one of the highest rates of gangland killings in Ireland. If you put a proposal to my community, giving them a say and some control over policing they would welcome it with open arms.

That's not to say we will all of a sudden become part of this repressive police force. For example, a young lad from Crumlin, John Maloney junior was detained in Rathfarnham police station, less than an hour after his release he was found unconscious and later died in hospital. John's body was covered in bruises. However, the police denied they ever detained him.

The family have tried their best to seek answers and sustain a campaign for justice. If our community had a say or some control over the police we would not endorse this. The exact opposite, we would condemn and exert pressure as a community on the police to have an inquest into his death. It would be the same anywhere in Ireland.

In the coming months we could be in a totally different position. We could be dealing with a new Prime Minister in London, possible Gordon Brown. I don't know too much about him. But, we could also be dealing with a Kenny/Rabbitte Dublin government. We all know exactly what they are like because they have been in government before. It was the Labour/Fine Gael government that formed the heavy gang and also introduced media censorship on republicans.

I will give you a quote which I think explains my position well;

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

A lot of republicans, myself included are concerned with what lies within us.
And I think policing has been used by republicans to show their anger and put their concerns about the overall state of our movement at present.

We must now declare to the world what we are about. We must declare we are proud of the IRA and we would never be in this position without them. We must stop pandering to unionism, to Britain and to America. We must select public representatives that reflect our republican ideology.

We must get our movement back on track. We must get back to basics. We must move forward demanding an end to partition and fighting for our socialist republic, bearing in mind the people who put us in this position and never forgetting their objectives.

I will finish up with a quote from Charlie Kerins;

All I ask is that the ideals and principles for which I am about to die, will be kept alive until the Irish republic is finally enthroned.
























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22 February 2007

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