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Easter Oration 2005

Arbour Hill

Republican Plot,
City Cemetery

32 County Sovereignty Movement • Easter 2005

1916 is the year indelibly marked in the history of the Irish peoples quest for freedom.

All of the sacrifices of struggle to end British interference and occupation brought a deeply divided republican base together for the Easter Rising.

When the leaders signed the Proclamation it could not be envisaged that ever again Republican leaders would accept anything less than what Pearse, Connolly and their comrades buried (here) in Arbour Hill, gave their lives so that we might be free.

We are gathered here today to commemorate these great leaders and to remember them with pride, but much more importantly we will never besmirch the reason for which they died by an acceptance of anything that falls short of their stated objective. We will continue to uphold the principled stand they took on behalf of the Irish people.

They categorically stated in the 1916 Proclamation and I quote, We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies to be sovereign and indefeasible.

They recognised that Irish National Sovereignty and the right of the Irish people to self-determination free from outside interference were the key to lasting peace in Ireland.

When the British executed these leaders they executed the Provisional Government of Ireland and it was intended to execute their vision but they failed and they failed because of the resilience of the Irish people. The people of Ireland ratified the proclamation in 1918. This was the last time the people were given a democratic choice and they made their decision. That decision was by the people for freedom.

The execution of the signatories of the Proclamation re-ignited the flame of freedom and we in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are proud to be principled in defending what the Irish people achieved through the sacrifice of the leaders in 1916.

To you gathered here today I do not have to recount the historical events that have usurped the sovereignty of the Irish nation from the signing of a foreign treaty to the foundation of Fianna Fail and how they have used the language of republicans whilst acting contrary to the republican position and the position of those we remember here today.

In today’s terms the provisional leaders have moved to emulate Fianna Fail and having signed an agreement with the Brits, they too have abandoned the principles of the 1916 proclamation.

Indeed their leaders have abandoned all principles and as we now witness the dilemma they are experiencing is of their own making.

Of course they may cry victim but when they signed that agreement they joined with all the others who moved from being a revolutionary movement into constitutional nationalism and are now embarked on a path of criminalizing the republican struggle.

Not alone have they abandoned all principles, Gerry Adams revealed at their Ard Fheis that he was negotiating with the British Government towards agreement last December.

This revelation is astonishing because he ignored the wish of the Irish people again and as it would appear the Brits were prepared to participate as it strengthened their position.

However like all British inspired negotiations it ignored the right of the Irish people and chose to deliberately ignore the Irish peoples democratic rights.

On what authority did the provisional leadership negotiate with the British Government.

Gerry Adams has a responsibility now to inform the republican base what it was he was negotiating when the Brits were so happy to have the Provisional leadership collude with them to take over Ireland North and South when it suited the needs of the British Government.

The question for republicans especially those in the provisional movement, is the Adams/Mc Guinness leadership compatible with the principles of the 1916 leaders and as we know it is not, therefore is their position tenable when they call themselves republican.

The evidence of the last few weeks and months demonstrates the effects of an unprincipled leadership and the extinguishing of principle creates the confusion that now exists.

Criminality has no part to play in the republican struggle and it is only with principled leadership and with vision based on an accurate analysis of the conflict can republicans like the leaders of 1916 come together in exposing the illegality of British rule in Ireland.

We all have a responsibility in this and in the year ahead we will intensify our efforts in focussing the republican debate back to the denial of Irish National Sovereignty.

That responsibility should include engaging with others and focussing attention on the real issue and how the GFA has failed because it failed to address the issues that led to conflict in the first place.

The claim that the GFA is an internationally binding agreement, which recognised the free democratic wish of the Irish people, is both fraudulent and deliberately misleading.

The claim to sovereignty by past generations and presently by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement on behalf of the Irish people constitutes the only legitimate challenge on the issue of sovereignty.

The people of Ireland have again been denied their 1st preference and choice in favour of the choice of the British Government.

We are confidant that with the true analysis as outline in the 1916 proclamation and ratified by the people in the declaration of Independence we can trace back all the acts of illegality including the most recent the GFA. The British Government had no legal right in Ireland, ever. They were here through the use and the threat of force and they still have no legal rights in Ireland. Why then should Irish republicans take part in an agreement that give them some right when the referendum leading to the GFA was illegal under international law.

Ideally republicans need to look ahead into the next few years and envisage the political landscape under British Rule.

Policing will be the acid test for the provisional leadership set up by the British Government and if we are to believe Gerry Kelly this issue is imminent and they are preparing to grasp the nettle of joining the PSNI/RUC.

Kelly has warned us all that republicans faces tough decisions on this issue and I predict when they do take that decision they will use British laws to attack republicans, to incarcerate us in gaols and hit us with the most draconian laws ever.

Why do I say this, because it is the natural progression of the process they signed into and historically De Valera done it when he took power and I have no doubt our former comrades who joined and entered the establishment will do the same as they set about normalising British politics in Ireland.

We should be prepared and let us be very clear on this issue of policing, it is an essential ingredient in any democracy to uphold the rule of law and order of the people.

The occupied 6 Counties is not a democracy and the PSNI/RUC are not a police
service of the people rather they are a force totally integrated into the British intelligence services supported by the British army. They have direct political purpose of protecting and upholding the illegal sovereign claim of the British Government.

The charm offensive of the PSNI that presently exists with accents of personnel recognisable from across the 26 County state will not delude anyone in the Nationalist Community as to the true nature of the PSNI/RUC.

It will take more than a few token garda that swap places with former RUC murderers to convince the nationalist people that the PSNI is about policing in isolation from British interference in Irish affairs.

Anyone joining the PSNI must be fully aware of what they are joining. The PSNI are not acceptable to the vast majority of the nationalist people.

The PSNI are a rogue police force with a track record of collusion and murder and there true existence is about upholding British rule in Ireland contrary to the principles for which the 1916 leaders were murdered.

The leaders in 1916 must be saluted for the courageous stand they took 89 years ago. Republicans must be prepared to face down all that has been thrown at us and there is more to come. We like generations gone before will face it on principle and we will not be deterred in pursuing our challenge.

Lip service from the agreement parties cannot deliver the vision of the men and women of 1916. The agreement of 1998 is now dead, it has failed the Irish people and no amount of resuscitation will give it a life that will realise the vision of the signatories of the proclamation.

Our challenge based on a true analysis can deliver their vision.

As we remember them let us remember all republican volunteers who have paid the supreme sacrifice for Irish freedom and let us leave here with the conviction of our analysis. Let us commit ourselves to that conviction.

Go Raibh Maith Agat.





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