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Statements on the Murder of Michael McIlveen

Two Statements, one from the Republican Sinn Fein and one from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement

• 9 May 2006

Sectarian Murder a Barbaric Reminder
Republican Sinn Fein press release

The latest sectarian murder, that of 15-year-old Michael McIlveen who died on May 8 following a beating by a loyalist gang in Ballymena, Co Antrim on May 7, is another barbaric reminder to nationalists of how little has changed.

Sectarian hatred still exists in the occupied Six Counties and has increased since the 1998 Stormont Agreement.

This murder mirrors that of another 15-year-old nationalist stabbed to death in Belfast in August last year and is just one of the hundreds of sectarian attacks carried out by loyalists over the last eight years.

Republican Sinn Fein extends sympathy to the family of Michael McIlveen and urge continued vigilance by the nationalist community.

Nationalist concerns grow as murder highlights police inaction in Ballymena
Andy Martin, 32 County Sovereignty Movement

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Michael McIlveen following his Murder at the hands of Loyalists in Ballymena.

Michael was attacked by a Loyalist gang wielding baseball bats and severely beaten in Garfield place and tragically died on Monday evening as a result of this sectarian attack.

Three witness who gave statements to the police on Monday were visited within a matter of hours by the RUC/PSNI who informed them that their lives were under threat from Loyalists and then asked them did they want to retract their statements.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement view the behaviour of the police with alarm given the timescale between the statements being given and the death threats received.

How did these Loyalists know statements had been taken and the identities of those who had made the statements?

This follows equally worrying behaviour on Sunday evening following the attack when local republicans were in the area trying to calm tensions.

A group of Loyalists armed with Stanley knives and claw hammers entered a street where the republicans were visiting relatives of Michael McIlveen. Local residents took a number of hurling sticks from some children who were playing in the street to defend themselves at which point the RUC/PSNI arrived in the street and surrounded the nationalists.

When nationalist residents protested and pointed out that there were armed Loyalists still in the street the police told them that they would deal with that after they had dealt with them, when it was pointed out that the nationalist residents had done nothing a further five landrovers of police in riot gear entered the street and stood outside the house, again ignoring the loyalists who calmly made their way out of the area unhindered.

Recently a man who was stabbed by a gang of up to thirty Loyalists who rampaged through a shopping centre in Ballymena was charged with assault and affray, presumably for trying to defend himself while those who attacked him got away scott free.

The murder of Michael McIlveen is the latest in a litany of attacks by Loyalists in Ballymena and the lack of action by the police illustrates perfectly that despite cosmetic changes they are still a sectarian police force.

Ballymena town centre is still a no go area for nationalists who live in constant fear of attack both in the town and within nationalist areas.

The police appear unwilling or unable to protect nationalists and recent events have confirmed that the RUC/PSNI are, at the very least, turning a blind eye to Loyalist aggression in Ballymena.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement appeal for calm following this murder and call on nationalists to remain vigilant and to unite to defend themselves from attacks by pro British death squads both in and out of uniform.












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